DarkRealm Server pack

661 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

This modpack is using a variety of mods (All credit goes to mod creators) for the DarkRealm server.

This modpack adds all sorts of mods such as Thaumcraft and Dark Utilities and much more! this pack will completely alter a users experience by adding a load of new blocks and tools from Tinkers Construct and TinkerToolLeveling which allows a tool to level up and gain more addon capabilities. also another BIG BIG Mod in this pack is Refined storage (Applied Energistics easier brother) BUT AE is also in the pack in case youd like to go that route as well!. and of course we all HATE how long it takes for leaves to decay when a tree is chopped down so ive enabled Fast Leaf Decay with the "FastLeafDecay" mod, and last but not least this pack ALSO Includes "Draconic-Evolution"! everyones favorite mod!!! i hope you all enjoy and more information on the DarkRealm server will be posted soon! or you can play in singleplayer just as well!




Join : DarkRealmServer.enjin.com for access to the server!



Also! to maintain the server please click the donation button on this ModPack project on the upper left hand corner! anything helps! and it also supports the ability to be upgraded to support more Ram(Memory) mods and MORE PLAYERS!





Feel free to donate to the DarkRealm Server all donations will go STRICTLY TOWARDS THE SERVER ONLY



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