Danny's Ultralight Pack

Extra light, kitchen sink style pack designed to provide nearly everything modded Minecraft has to offer in as small a package as possible. A little tech, a little magic, storage utilities, quality of life improvements and building tools for a beautiful world. There's almost nothing you can't do in this pack that you can do in a huge tech pack, but you may find that you have to take a different path to get there.


The pack works well on slower computers with very little RAM. You can allocate as little as 2 GB RAM to this pack. However, for best performance, 4 GB is recommended.


This pack was designed specifically to help us practice "social distancing" during the spread of COVID-19 without having to be socially isolated. It was designed to run well on servers, and allows for a more inclusive community since the computer requirements are lower than most other packs.


Mod List

Tech & Automation


Tools & Weapons

Inventory Management


Building & Decoration

Quality of Life





Please use the issue tracker to report any problems and feel free to leave comments below.