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Custom Series Core Lite

This modpack is a Vanilla-friendly pack meant to add optimizations, quality of life add-ons, and little things to add to the Minecraft experience. Performance boosts added should allow even the more "potato" of PCs to play! Many visual upgrades and details added to give a fresh breath of air visually for older players. Many gui and hud tools added to help newer players and generally add more quality of life, all of which can be toggled if unwanted! Voice chat to communicate with friends! None of these mods should conflict with vanilla servers, allowing you to join your favorite multiplayer servers! There also are extra worldgen options on your single-player worlds, allowing for more variety with your single player playthroughs.


This pack is meant to give the main "core" feeling for future Custom Series packs, giving a baseline for what players can expect down the road.


NOTE: The version here is outdated and will not be updated here, please use Modrinth version instead! This one will not be updated.