Crucial 2

11,376 Downloads Last Updated: May 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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Crucial 2
is a Vanilla styled modpack, focused on enhancing the vanilla experience with curated high-quality mods and a clever documentation system that allows you to see all the content from a bird's eye view to pick out what you're interested in. It's a sequel to the original Crucial modpack.




  • A curated high-quality mod selection.
  • Lots of new vanilla style content for all types of players, from explorer, builder, farmer, automator, etc.
  • A small custom worldgen datapack, featuring removal of awful lakes, as well as wider rivers and taller mountains.
  • A set of configured texture packs, including Quark VRO, Vanilla Tweaks, and custom textures by Carmen and Tovlyn.
  • Recipe and config changes to the mods included to make them all play well and minimize overlapping content.
  • A unique documentation system, that aims to let you discover content at your own pace, without any handholding.
  • Cleaned up JEI with all irrelevant items hidden, plus custom search categories, and info bits on hundreds of items.


Make sure to check out the Images tab for screenshots of the pack and what you can expect!



Getting Started


To get started with Crucial 2, simply grab the Crucial 2 Guide ingame. In survival it's easily available in your inventory. In creative, you can simply search for it:




Recommended Specs

  • If you can run vanilla well, Crucial 2 should run fine.
  • Runs fine on 2GB of RAM from testing. Push it up to 3GB if needed.
  • Optifine is not recommended, but probably won't break the whole pack if you do use it. Do note that it's not supported and you won't be able to request help if you have it.
  • If you're struggling for performance, try removing the Dynamic Surroundings and Charmonium mods from your client. They just add ambient sound and visual effects, and aren't essential for gameplay.



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