Crucial 2 - The Refresh Update

91,998 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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    How well does this run?

    - Should run as well if not better than vanilla because of Sodium. 2GB of RAM minimum recommended, can bump up to 3GB for a bit better performance but more than that is not needed.

    Is this compatible with Optifine/Shaders?
    - Not by default, as the pack runs Sodium. If you want to use Optifine or even Shaders, be prepared for a steep FPS decrease. You can remove Sodium by deleting the sodium-forge-....jar file.

    What makes this pack different from other Vanilla+ packs like Better Minecraft?
    - This pack focuses on the consistency and overall quality of gameplay, so while you won't have as much content to delve into, you can be assured it's all vetted to be high quality and well put together to feel like you're playing a supercharged version of Minecraft rather than a bunch of mods.

    How do I get started?
    - Simply find the Crucial 2 guide. In survival it'll be in your inventory. In creative, you can search for it. It'll get you all the info you need to get going.

    Quick TL;DR of what's in here?

    • A curated high-quality mod selection.
    • Lots of new vanilla style content for all types of players, from explorer, builder, farmer, automator, etc.
    • A small custom worldgen datapack, featuring removal of awful lakes, as well as wider rivers and taller mountains.
    • A set of configured texture packs, including Quark VRO, Vanilla Tweaks, and custom textures by Carmen, Tovlyn, and Artemis System.
    • Recipe and config changes to the mods included to make them all play well and minimize overlapping content.
    • A unique documentation system, that aims to let you discover content at your own pace, without any handholding.
    • Cleaned up JEI with all irrelevant items hidden, plus custom search categories, and info bits on hundreds of items.
    • Optional integration with the Create mod. Create can be installed separately and will hook into the pack's style and recipes.
    • Check out the Images tab for more screenshots of the pack in action.

    What do I do if I'm lagging?

    - Try tweaking your advanced graphics settings, under Options > Video Settings > Advanced. Some of these might not work perfectly with specific setups so it's worth trying them out. If you're really running the game on a potato, you can remove the Dynamic Surroundings mod for a slight boost, as it only provides ambient effects.

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