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Hello everyone, supermj767 here, I've been creating Creepy MC for about 2 years now and i finally wanted to publish it out to the community, i love playing it, it has the perfect balance of creepy and mc, every mod in the mod pack has its purpose, i am constantly updating it to include, edit, and remove any mods to make the mod pack the absolute best!




You might start out in a world like this

Creepy MC is a deadly place, you will probably die quite a few times before you get your footing in this new world.


Things to note:


The First Aid mod introduces a new health system, it allows you to break your arms and legs, or if you get really hurt in the body/head it could kill you, skeletons are especially dangerous in the fact that they can instantly kill you with a head shot, beware!


The 3rd Life + mod will give you 3 lives, if those are drained away you will be sent into spectator mode, but don't worry, if you have a reviver then you can revive yourself as long as it is filled with golden lives. You can also craft extra lives (golden lives, temporary lives.) You can view your lives by pressing "i".


The Dynamic Trees mod will completely overhaul vanilla (and most modded) trees, giving them a fancy new look and the ability to chop them down, they also fall down like trees do in real life so don't get in the way of them when they do because it will kill you!


There are tons of creatures in the night that want to kill you make sure you have shelter!


the Total Darkness mod changes the default brightness level to 0 so caves are pitch black, it especially makes it dangerous to travel at night.


there is a thirst mod called Survive, don't worry though, its not hard to keep up with, just craft a bottle, fill it with water and cook it, you could also just drink straight from a water source but it will give you thirst.


It also has a couple of well known mods like Quark and JEI etc.


Sanity and Insanity is another mod you need to deal with, depending on what you do in-game it can lower your sanity level which can be dangerous.


With the mod Enhanced Celestials there is a chance for a blood moon to appear, it triples the spawn rate of hostile mobs, beware of that. There is also a chance for a harvest moon which gives you a tremendous amount of crops when you harvest them. The last moon is a "luck" moon and all it does it give you luck, if you open a chest there is a chance for you to get extra loot.


I purposefully didn't include a mini-map mod because it makes the mod-pack less challenging, also, there are waystones that you can use to teleport from one location to the other so you have that option.


If you can, install Optifine, it will make it run a lot smoother.


These are all of the notes for now, more will be added later



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