141 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 12, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

How far does your creativity take you? What will you build tomorrow? Is it insane enough? Does it lag?


We have the right answers for you my friend! Creatigasm is a lightning fast experience that runs on PCs that have only 4GB of RAM, it plays nice with Optifine (almost 200fps on my old machine in SSP and almost 250fps in SMP) and has all the latest mods for totally customizing your gaming experience such as RF Tools Control, Extra Utilities 2 and Super Circuit Maker (and more).


With FTB Utilities thrown in the mix as well as some basic tweaks, things tie into each other nicely, grief is basically impossible, lag is hard to achieve and fun abounds! Just download this and import it as a profile into your Curse client that has been setup for Minecraft modpacks.


The official server will be linked here soon. Until then, message my (SkyeRise) to get whitelisted there :)


Optifine is highly recommended to use with this pack, but even without it, you will have a smooth experience.


We are exclusively using mods hosted on CurseForge, so you can feel safe downloading this and in your profile you see all the mods listed together with the names of the awesome people who made them.


Should you feel like donating because you love this pack - choose the author of your favorite mod in the pack and donate to them!


Here is a quick mod list though:

Baubles | Botania | Chisel | Chisel & Bits | Compact Storage | CraftTweaker | Custom NPCs | Deep Resonance | Drawers & Bits | Ender Storage | Extra Bit Manipulation | Extra Utilities | Forestry | Fusion | Gendustry | Hopper Ducts | Immersive Engineering | Inventory Tweaks | JEI Bees | Journey Map | JEI | JER | MCMultiPart | MineTweaker RecipeMaker | ModTweaker | More Bees | Pam's HarvestCraft | Progressive Automation | Quark | Redstone Paste | Refined Storage | Reliquary | RF Tools | RF Tools Control | Rough Mobs | Signals | Simple Generators | Simple TCon | SimpleOres | Storage Drawers | Super Circuit Maker | Tails | Tinkers Construct | Tinkers Tool Leveling | Translocators | Waila | Waila Harvestability | Wawla


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