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CreateColony: New World

CreateColony: New World 



CreateColony: New World is a modpack for people, who like real-time strategy games and city building simulators.

MineColonies is the core mod joined by other Vanilla+ Mods to give you a new way to play Minecraft and create your own city.




  • build your own city and defend it against intruders
  • help your citizen stay healthy by farming new crops and vegetables
  • explore the caves and cliffs to help your colony grow 
  • get into the world of mechanics and build your own factories
  • conquer the new World by creating railways through the bioms




Although its a smaller modpack having much citizen in your colony can be quite performance costly.

A minimum of 4 GB RAM is required, for bigger Colonies 6-8 GB is recommended


CreateColony: New World is only available for Forge Modloader. OptiFine is NOT included in this modpack.




I do not own Minecolonies nor Create. For any issues with these mods, please visit the Mod page on CurseForge.

MineColonies: CurseForge - Minecolonies

Create: CurseForge - Create