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This is a large-ish sized modpack (mostly smaller mods) that focuses on the Create Mod with a few extra features, QOL, and vanilla enhancements.
It's prefect if you want to make machines, decorate them with building blocks from mods like Quark, store the items your farms produce with Sophisticated Storage, label your base with hanging signs from Supplementaries, or to use a backpack full of blocks for all your engineering needs with Sophisticated Backpacks while keeping your inventory clean.

5.0 update/1.19.2 coming soon, currently waiting on 4 mods to update to 1.19.2 and waiting for 1 mod to update to Create 0.5.1.
Note: I might end up forking some of the mods to update them myself or add features from these mods to other ones. 
I won't be fixing current issues as I will probably release an alpha on Modrinth within a week or two (I don't have much time right now, sorry)




  • If you have bad performance around blocks added by Create, and you have an AMD GPU, (or APU) try turning flywheel to batching by running the command "/flywheel backend batching" or by going to flywheel's config and changing 'backend' to batching. This isn't guaranteed to work, so if your fps drops overall, turn it back by changing the config back to 'instancing' or running the command' /flywheel backend instancing'.

 Warning: Only try this if you have an AMD GPU. If you have Nvidia or anything else, just keep flywheel on instancing for the best performance, as batching will make your performance worse.


  • You can suggest anything (mods, datapacks, resourcepacks) you want me to change or add to the pack in the comments. 


Custom content:

As of version 4.10+, the modpack has its own mod! While right now it is just an updated version of the recipe datapack I made that also has an incomplete cogwheel item for the cogwheel sequenced assembly, more is planned for the future, including custom blocks that use/transfer kinetic energy and more. To see what custom content it adds, look here.


Mod list and included datapacks: