Create & Magic is a modpack with a wide range of mods, from food, to dungeons, to automation! As the name suggests, the modpack focuses on Create and some more magical elements such as Ars Nouveau, Allomancy, and When Dungeons Arise.

This modpack expands the exploration parts of your game, giving you more dungeons, enemies, and cute animals! Also included are lots of ways to have fun with cooking. Farmers Delight with some of its add-ons as well as Create Café and Create Confectionery will let you cook plenty of things, and Spice of Life: Sweet Potato Edition will incentivize food diversity. Of course, some people might want to go mining instead of farming, so I have included Calemi's Economy which lets people buy and sell resources smoothly. The foundation of this modpack though, is the Create mod will many addons. With Create you can automate almost everything, make impressive builds, and design amazing machines! To help with the automation and storage are the mods Integrated Dynamics, Metal Barrels, and Functional Storage. For those who like making complex builds I have included Framed Blocks, which gives builders many more shapes to work with.

To learn more about how to make all the cool stuff in this modpack, follow the in-game guide books and use JEI!

Thank you to all those who made the mods that are in this modpack! Without them this modpack would not be possible. If you would like to see the mods in this modpack check out the relations tab.

If you would like to contribute to the modpack then please help out by providing feedback here.

Note: Some updates may break existing worlds.