2,254 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

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* Hundreds of quests and an entire shop system!

* Has features from 1.16 including Blackstone, Netherite, and the new Nether biomes!

* Dragons and mythological creatures from Ice and Fire!

* Practice dark magic with Evilcraft and Blood magic!

* Customize your own tools and armor with Tinker's Construct and Armory.

* Explore a new dimension with Twilight Forest!

* Explore entirely new planets with Galacticraft!

* Become a Jedi with the Star Wars mod!

* Carry pets in your inventory with unique abilities with inventory pets! 

* Explore tons of new Biomes with Biomes O' Plenty 

* Travel in style with Portal Guns.

* Grow your own resources with Mystical Agriculture!

* Cast spells with Electrobob's Wizardry and Thaumcraft!



Micdoodlecore (by micdoodle8)

Galacticraft (by micdoodle8)

Galacticraft Planets (by micdoodle8)

Thanks for playing!!!!!


Note: This is a heavyish pack. You will need a fairly decent computer (Mainly CPU+RAM!) to run it. I would recommended setting your RAM to at least 4GB. (This means that you should have more than 4GB in your PC)


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