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* New dimensions and Planets to explore. (Twilight Forest, Aether, The Betweenlands, Galacticraft, Atum 2);

*Dungeons and boss fights to battle through.

* Make tons of new machines with NuclearCraft, Tech Reborn, and the Thermal series

* Better and stronger mobs!

* Build and customize your own tools and armor with Tinker's Construct!

* Level up your skills and your equipment.

* Use dark magic with Evilcraft… and white magic with Botania!!

* Portal Guns!!!

* Transform into creatures you kill with the Morph mod!

* Tons of new animals with Zoo and Wild Animals Rebuilt!

* Become a Jedi master with the Star Wars in MC mod!

* ...and tons more for you to do!



Galacticraft Core (by Micdoodle8)

Galacticraft Planets (by Micdoodle8)

MicdoodleCore (by Micdoodle8)


Thanks for playing!!!!!

At every update you have to reload the Questfile with: /bq_admin default load


Note: This is a heavyish pack. You will need a fairly decent computer (Mainly CPU+RAM!) to run it. I would recommended setting your RAM to at least 6GB. (This means that you should have more than 6GB in your PC)


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