Craft to Exile [Dissonance]

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[2.9.3b] - 2021-03-23


- Get ready! In the first week of April, Patreon-only official server world Oriath will be resetting and will be entering the new 3-month league. What's is a league? Every 3 months, Oriath resets which gives players the potential to explore an uncharted world with their friends, and experience unique offerings planted by me - special ONLY for that server! Stay tuned for more information - join the Discord!
- Reduced spell points per level back to 2 from 3. 3 was way too much.
- Made some of the Nether quests a less tedious.
- When Dungeons Arise update introduces new structures and rebalances some of the existing structures.
- Reduced damage and health of Dimensional Dungeons mobs.
- Some Atum loot is no longer salvagable and can no longer reroll as uniques (staves, brooches, idols). This is do prevent an exploitable bug.

Mod Updates
- Updated When Dungeons Arise.
- Removed Mowzie's Mobs temporarily. It's still new and a little buggy.

- Fixed crashes from Mowize's Mobs by removing it (lol).

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