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- New: Reinforced Pistons
- New: Tiki, Torches, Soul Tiki Torches, Street Lamp Posts, Soul Street Lamp Posts, Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Lava Lamp & Garden Lights.
- New: The Reinforced Redstone Block and the Reinforced Observer can now be used to open doors, activate pistons, etc.
- New: The Protecto, Trophy System, and Password-protected Furnace now support the Disguise Module
- New: Key Panel Block. A waterloggable, smaller version of the keypad. Place it by rightclicking a Key Panel
- New: Config option "enableTeamOwnership". Setting this to true will allow all players in the same scoreboard team to own each other's blocks
- New: The Allowlist and Denylist Module can now be set to affect every player instead of just those added to the list
- New: Security Cameras and Portable Radars can now open Reinforced Doors when a Redstone Module is installed and the signal is activated
- New: The Reinforced Hopper can now extract from the Inventory Scanner
- New: The message SecurityCraft sends when joining a world can now be turned off by server owners
- New: Players can now see themselves when viewing a camera, which also means they're now vulnerable to attacks while doing so
- New: Indicator on security cameras that turns on when someone is viewing the camera
- New: Config option "trickScannersWithPlayerHeads" to allow players to wear a player's head to trick that player's retinal scanner or scanner door into activating
- New: Sonic Security System. Lock your blocks behind a note block tune of your choice
- New: Portable Tune Player. Can play back tunes saved to sonic security systems
- New: server config for disabling cheat mode - mezz
- New: Added loot modifier datagen helpers
- New: Block tag loot Conitions
- New: Added set fluid loot function
- New: Added Transform type to the model item
- New: added upside down placing for roof/steep roofs/lower roofs
- Change: Roof crafting recipes have been changed
- Change: Steep and lower roofs have been split up in two parts total 4
- Change: steep and lower roofs now have the correct placing
- Change: Lower roof now has corners
- Change: Attic roofs now use the open/close sound of trapdoors
- Change: Top roof now automatically changes the model to three_way/four_way
- Change: Using a map will now show the correct colors for every block in mcw roofs
- Change: SecurityCraft's config values for Jade/HWYLA are now synchronized from server to client, meaning server owners can now control what Jade shows to players
- Change: Renamed "Track Mine" to "Rail Mine" to be in line with vanilla
- Change: Cameras can now be viewed from anywhere in the same dimension, it is no longer necessary to be close to the camera to be able to view it
- Change: The Smart Module no longer works in the camera, the Allowlist Module is now used for better control
- Change: Retinal Scanners and Scanner Doors now only get activated by looking at one of the sides that contain the actual scanner
- Change: Simplified JSON for damagable items in itemOutput
- Change: Improved mantle loot modifiers
- API: Removed INameable in favor of vanilla's Nameable
- API: Added INameSettable to be able to easily set a block's custom name
- API: Added IViewActivated (used by the Retinal Scanner and Scanner Door)
- API: Renamed SecurityCraftTileEntity to NamedTileEntity and remove most of its code
- API: Removed IIntersectable
- API: Added LinkableTileEntity and removed relevant code from CustomizableTileEntity
- API: Added ILockable which enables a block to be locked with the Sonic Security System
- Fix: lower western door is different than upper on one sides
- Fix: Garage door has no breaking sound
- Fix: Reinforced Doors cannot be opened in some cases (for example when a reinforced pressure plate is present on both sides
- Fix: Crafting Grille Windows using Granite, Diorite, Andesite & stone requires normal window base instead of the grille version and vice versa
- Fix: Alarm sound does not play
- Fix: Outer roof corners for roofs and awning have been hugely improved.
- Fix: Awnings are now in the second creative tab with gutters
- Fix: You can now right click with a bucket or glass bottle to a watered gutter to fill them up
- Fix: Rain Gutters don't work correctly in 1.16.5
- Fix: Roofs don't connect and different color corners
- Fix: Brightness difference on opposite sides of a Lower Roof
- Fix: Lower Roofs texture doesn't line up with other
- Fix: Item Duplication with Mana and Artifice mod
- Fix: GL error with shaders
- Fix: Outer corners and lower roofs are brighter for some reason
- Fix: Mobs can spawn on lower roof and steep roof blocks
- Fix: Lower roof cannot be places if it has a block behind it
- Fix: It's raining through some roofs
- Fix: Claymore does not explode
- Fix: Some blocks/items are not in the correct block/item tags
- Fix: The top half of the Keypad Door does not get affected by resource packs
- Fix: Jade display does not properly hide block mines and disguised blocks
- Fix: Panic Button loses its owner when pressed
- Fix: Wrenches or similar of other mods are able to open doors
- Fix: Reinforcing blocks in the world may not work if some specific mods are installed
- Fix: Reinforced Smooth Quartz has the wrong texture
- Fix: The Keypad and Keypad Door cannot be opened while holding the key panel
- Fix: Converting chests whose loot has not been generated yet creates additional items
- Fix: Crash when trying to power a taser while holding redstone in the offhand
- Fix: Anyone can insert modules into any block
- Fix: diesel generator not toggling on and off correctly (Malte)
- Fix: wrong model on the blastfurnace preheater fan (Malte)
- Fix: various JEI integrations (BluSunrize)
- Fix: ghost slot handling in the assembler
- Fix: #2681 Fix adding duplicate bookmarks - mezz
- Fix: #2437 Ghost ingredient locations remain after changing screens - mezz
- Fix: #2612 Add config option for enabling cheat-to-hotbar hotkeys - mezz
- Fix: broken ItemStack import - mezz
- Fix: #1940 Allow bookmarking the same item with different NBT - mezz
- Fix: #2616 Fix edit mode - mezz
- Fix: #2337, focus the search bar on right-click - mezz
- Fix: #2563: Clicking ingredients in displayed recipes does not work - mezz
- Fix: #2352 Improve click handling and dragging - mezz
- Fix: #2555 Some client configs are not loading - mezz
- Fix: #2253, support removing special recipes by using datapacks - mezz
- Fix: of Polish translation (version 1.16) (#2550) - Greg-21
- Fix: support to open the config screen with Configured mod (#2543) - Sintinium
- Fix: key translations - mezz
- Fix: #2525 Client config is not working - mezz
- Fix: tooltip for disabling cheat mode when the hotkey is unbound - mezz
- Fix: #2459 Mouse clicks did not always unfocus the search bar - mezz
- Fix: the compilation errors from using a patch from the 1.17 branch - mezz
- Fix: IRecipeCategory default isHandled to allow modded recipes to be handled by default - mezz
- Fix: #2506. Skip adding unhandled recipes - mezz
- Fix: #2468 Return a mutable list from RecipeManager methods for easier consumption - mezz
- Fix: up IngredientFilterTest - mezz

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