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Crafting Dead Modpack

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Welcome to the official modpack for Crafting Dead.


Crafting Dead is a server network themed around zombies and survival. Let your imagination run wild while you traverse the carefully crafted landscape and explore ruins searching for supplies, allies and safety. Crafting Dead has added an additional layer to the survival aspect of Minecraft, our servers have beautiful architecture and theming immersing you into the horror of surviving a zombie apocalypse.


Crafting Dead is a global community driven by our player's happiness and the desire to see all of the amazing stories that those playing come up with. It's not uncommon to find some players pretending they are in The Walking Dead. Crafting Dead has an active network of over 10,000+ players in the Discord, with many giveaways and events. 


Crafting Dead has been establishing itself as one of the best servers available for a zombie themed Minecraft experience over the past ten years. Crafted with love and care, the server has flourished since opening all those years ago, garnering a player base that continues to come back again and again. Through the hard work and dedication to Crafting Dead so many memories have been made. By running a server like this, it's inevitable that friendships and relationships get made…








Crafting Dead is licensed under LICENSE.txt for more information. You may use Crafting Dead in modpacks, reviews or any other medium as long as you obide by the terms of the license. Commercial use of the mod must be authorised by NEXUSNODE Directors (Brad Hunter).

Commercial use is any reproduction or purpose that is marketed, promoted, or sold and incorporates a financial transaction. You can use Crafting Dead for personal use, To host a server for friends for example, But not to use the mod or mod pack in any way that gives you a financial advantage, neither can you use or modify the code and re-sell it which will allow others to gain a financial advantage. Any use of the Crafting Dead mod other than within the official Crafting Dead Mod pack is for personal use, none of our work or assets can be used in any way that will allow the person commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

Crafting dead is protected under copyright law in over 179 countries under the Berne Convention, TRIPS & WTO.

Any Youtubers or Twitch streamers are welcome to create videos using our mods and monetize them, However you will need to ensure that you link the official pack/mod in the video description. You are welcome to create your own pack using this mod without authrorisation as long as it is soley used as a private server and your finantial advantage comes soley from video monetization.

Please contact or Brad#8888 on Discord if you have any questions or concerns. Commercial use through the official modpack is granted (Such as adding servers through the official modpack) anything that falls outside of the official modpack requires authrorisation.





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Minimum Specs


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system 
  • Processor: Intel i3-7100 or better 
  • Graphics: 2GB NVIDIA GeForce or 2GB AMD Radeon 
  • Memory: 2 GB DDR3 RAM


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