Craft with the bois

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This modpack is ever-changing, with mods being added and removed as compatibility and updates allow and was intended for a private server, however is available to the public. 



This modpack includes magic mods such as:

- Botania

- Blood Magic

- Ars Nouveau


Tech mods:

- Applied energistics 2

- Rats

- Resourceful bees

- Mekanism

- Extreme Reactors


We have explorative mods throughout the pack, adding multiple dimensions and overhauling what was already there.

A little taste of what is included:

- Advanced Rocketry

- Biomes O' Plenty

- Dungeon Crawl

- Nether's Exoticism

- The Abyss II

- The Endergetic Expansion

- The Outer End

- YUNG's Better Caves/Dungeons/Mineshafts/Strongholds


Also included are features such as

- Minecolonies

- Macaw's various mods adding windows doors and other decorations

- Croptopia

- an xp storing system

- Origins (Forge)

- Corail Tombstone

- Tinker's Construct

- Xearo's map


I did not create nor own any mods included, and all credit goes to the original owners.



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