Complexium 3: Ultimate Creativity

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Welcome to Complexium 3: Ultimate Creativity, Similar to the other 2 Complexium modpacks This is an extremely hard survival mode mod pack for minecraft. There is some rpg involved because of the Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA), all I can say as a hint is get yourself sealed off in some way possible and light up the area because Mobs are dangerous I would say find high ground but a hole in a side of the hill/mountain should suffice, and if that is not enough you have to take care of hunger, thirst and stay warm, additionally you have only 5 lives and each time you die it gets less and less!

No worries if you die a few times at 0 health it will force you into spectator mode for 300 seconds in which you can use that to your advantage and look around the area for places you might want to get to so you can advance! Oh I almost forgot you also cant eat more than 6 pieces of any food as it gives you diminishing returns from that point on! But no worries I have a food mod in it that gives you like 1200 food items to get! In this modpack you have more creative means available to you!

You will spawn in a temple but trust me on this one it won't last as mobs will break into the structure as soon as night comes, if you want a true fortress you will have to find or craft very strong blocks! It is a very complex gameplay thus you will have to conform to the game and do what you must do to survive and advance! In MCA you can craft your Married Partner Armor and Weapons so they can help aid the fight, some mods have been removed from this pack but yet again there is a few mods added.

There is Bloodmoon and Vampires in game as well as you can be a Vampire! There are tons more mods but really you can do alot in game and once you actually become stable then you can make Furniture that is actually Furniture to make your place look nice! All I can say at this point is good luck and I mean it! Well there are chance cubes so maybe you can make something happen that way but anyways I am done chatting your head off enjoy playing :)


WARNING!!! "If you have not played Complexium, then Complexium 3: Ultimate Creativity  will be a step up and if your not familiar with the gameplay, then you may not survive as well!"


Special Thanks To The Following Mod Pack Owners Who Wanted Their Mod Pack Listed For Me To Use Their Permission:


Better Survival Mod by mujmajnkraft

Better FPS by Guichaguri


Epic Siege Mod by Funwayguy

Just Another Rotten Flesh To Leather Mod

Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA) by Wildbamaboy

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod by Mr_Crayfish

Nature's Compass

Pam's Mods by MatrexsVigil otherwise known as Pamela Collins, Painterly Pack, and Rhodox

Tough As Nails



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