Colony: New Worlds

15,482 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Welcome To The Colony: New Worlds

Thanks for checking out Colony: New Worlds! New Worlds is the latest in our long-running Colony modpacks. Build your very own custom spaceship, and then blast off to over 50 planets. Maybe you're more of a down to earth guy, and just want to settle into some tech. Well, we've got you covered with the very latest sci-fi tech, allowing you to build complex factories and bases.

Maybe all of that isn't for you, and you just want to check out some new dimension, build your own rail network, become as OP as possible, get into the magical side of thing... Or maybe you just want to build a huge mob farm.

Whatever you imagine, it possible in New Worlds.

Public Server

Sometimes you don't want to be alone. Join our active community of over 5000 members by hoping on our public server. We have a dedicated support team, and people working on the server around the clock to make sure they're stable, lag free, and online 24/7

Help and Support

If you need any help with our modpack please join our Discord or ask for support on our Support Forums

Feedback & Mod Suggestions

We're always open to feedback. You can suggest a mod, idea, or bug on our Discord server and Forums. Even drop your ideas in the comments if you want

Rent A Server

If our public server isn't for you and you still want to play with mates, check out our hosting platform. Grab your Colony server for as little as $8


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