Colony - Space Modpack

Last Updated: May 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10


Oct 2, 2018

Owner: SleepingTea


Welcome to Colony

Colony is a space a tech modpack for Minecraft. Colony also has a 24/7 public server (IP Come With The Modpack) that offers a lag-free experience and has a dedicated staff team to offer support with any issue.

About Colony

Hundreds of Planets

Colony has over 200 planets for you to explore, and with the Advanced Rockrty mod allows you to build and design your own spaceship, space stations and satellites. If you want more a simple space travel mod, we also have Galacticraft.

Star Trek

Colony also has the Matter Overdrive mod, allowing to turn yourself into an android and use a bunch of Star Treck inspired tools and weapons.

Star Wars

Maybe you're more of a Star Wars person? Then Advanced Lightsaber mod will be for you. Allowing you to make your own custom lightsabers and use the force.

Automate Your Life

Colony comes packed filled with tech mods, allowing you to automate every part of the game. Thermal Expansion, Open Computers, EnderIO, MineFactory Reloaded and Mekanism name some of the tech mods you have to play with.

So Much More

There is so much more you to play with and check out in the Colony pack. Download our the pack or see our full mod list to find out more!



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