Certain features and custom recipes depend on content from Biomes o'Plenty.  For these features to generate, BoP MUST handle the world generation. A BoP compatible world-type must be selected. In addition to the specified world-types, every LostCities world-type in the pack also uses BoP for actual world generation, and will generate the features needed.


For the Intended Experience, consider playing with LostCities:Wasteland as your world-option. 

  -There are recipes in place to provide most everything missing due to limited biome variety when playing in a Wasteland.

  - No matter the generation used, Water is non-infinite. Means exist to collect it though, including an entire dimension of Flooded Cities (Bed on top of two Wells, surrounded by heads), as well as the Wooden Crucible (which can melt a wide variety of items into liquid form)


Certus Quartz Ore, AE Meteors, and Naquadah Ore do not generate in the overworld. They are intended to be gated behind space exploration, as are chunk loaders.

Please Note: As of v1.8.10 this pack is complete, no further updates will be forthcoming. Enjoy! - Some mods in the pack got long anticipated features.


Please, DO NOT re-host this pack on other sites or platforms.

Yes, if you want to record/stream this pack go ahead.  If you let me know you are, then I'll do what I can to watch!

I have a Discord that is open for anyone playing my Modpacks/Servers.  It's the place to get questions about the pack answered quickly.