Roanoke Cobblemon SMP

 Website: Roanoke Network (Cobblemon)

Pokemon & Minecraft have never been merged together as well as Cobblemon has managed it. 


Play on the latest version of Minecraft, with 100s of Pokemon blending in perfectly to their surroundings. With high quality animations, natural behaviour, and Minecraft style'd modelling, you won't notice this is a 3rd party mod. Cobblemon has grown from 500~ members to over 14,000 in the past few months, and is soon to be the biggest Pokemon Mod Minecraft has ever seen.


Perfect battles, every time


Cobblemon makes use of Showdown's Battle Engine vs creating their own - meaning battles, stats, and moves are all standardised with the normal competitive scene. This also means no waiting glitches 40 minutes into the last round of a tournament, it means perfect battles, every time. 


The perfect platform


Cobblemon works with Fabric, a Minecraft Mod Loader that has surpassed Forge as the go to in recent years thanks to it's amazing performance upgrades & modded ecosystem. Our modpack makes use of these other brilliant add-ons, such as Sodium, JEI, Zoomify, and more, all of which massively improve your QOL when playing.


Ready to play? We offer a NOP2W SMP server and support in our Discord, found below


Roanoke Cobblemon Discord