Cobblemon Evolution

  1. Get ready for a unique adventure with Cobblemon Evolution! Explore a vast procedurally generated world filled with your favorite mons, and catch, train, and battle them to become the ultimate Cobblemon master. Use advanced tech mods to craft powerful tools and machines to aid you in your journey, while quality of life mods ensure a smoother gameplay experience. With a resource mod in place, you'll never run out of the materials you need to progress. Immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft and cobblemon like never before with Cobblemon Evolution!
  2. This Modpack is based around the Cobblemon Mod which adds Pokémon to the game but with mods added around it to make the game more fun for example Mekanism has been add to give access to the Meka Suit and also the Mekanism Fission Reactor to produce energy which will be needed to power the Refined Storage system so you can house all your items we also added Create to allow for easier harvesting and finally we add Mystical Agriculture so that you can grow the resources you will need. We hope you enjoy Cobblemon Evolution