CMS - Charlie's Modded Server (Modpack)

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Small Vanilla+ type modpack. A bit of everything: tech, magic, farming, exploration...


My aim is to keep this modpack on the smaller side so most computers can handle it. Recommended RAM: 4GB RAM.


Features of CMS:



Buildcraft - this is an excellent mod that's major feature is pipes. Transport items, fluids and energy between different machines and inventories. Buildcraft also has a quarry for all your mining needs!

EnderIO - a jam-packed mod with many machines to help you double ores, create energy and much more. Brings new weapons, tools, and armour to the game which can be customised to your liking.

Immersive Engineering - realism inspired technology. Create multiblock machines that offer a more immersive experience through more balanced and pleasing machines.

Also included: Refined Storage, Thermal Foundation



Cooking for Blockheads - create a fully functional kitchen and use your very own cooking book to create all-new foods

Mystical Agriculture - grow your very own resources with crops! Create materials, mob drops, tools and armour all from your farmland!

Pam's Harvestcraft - 80 new crops, new fruit bearing trees, 19 new fish and simple beekeeping. This is a fan favourite mod that brings over 1400 new items and foods. Encouraging you to eat more exciting foods.


Biomes and generation:

Biomes O' Plenty and Oh the Biomes You'll Go help to bring an immersive world with new biomes that bring new wood types to build with.


Additional mods worth mentioning:

Tinkers Contruct - bringing in more ways to create customised tools!

Storage Drawers - an easy early game solution to store your items in a more compact way.

Waystones - a survival friendly alternative to /warp and /home commands.

Aquaculture 2 - Expands fishing, 30 new fish, equip hooks and bait for a faster catch.

/dank/null - hold tens of thousands of items in a single block

Botania - a magic/tech mod whose theme is natural magic

Macaw's mods - a collection of mods from Macaw to help decorate your world.


And much more for you to discover.....



Thank you for downloading! I will continue to improve performance and gameplay. Please message me about any issues you find or any mods you would like added.


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