Classic Modpack Reboot

413 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 17, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

I love older minecraft modpacks, but 1.2.5 is too old!


This is basicly a 1.2.5 modpack in minecraft version 1.10.2


Note: Due to BC not being in 1.10.2, EnderIO & RFTools = Buildcraft & Logistics Pipes in this modpack. It's a kitchen-sink modpack

Quarry = RFTools Builder with Quarry Shape Card 

This is a very small modpack (compaired to the new modpack), so I think almost all computers can handle it





Classic Combat (by WildBamaBoy)

CodeChicken Core 1.8+ (by chicken_bones)

CodeChicken Lib. 1.8+ (by chicken_bones)

Ender IO (by CrazyPants)

Ender Storage 1.8 (by Chicken_bones) 

EnderCore (by CrazyPants)

Energy Converters (by Xalcon)

Forge MultiPart CBE (by Chicken_bones) 

IC2 Classic (by Spieger)

Inventory Tweaks (by Kobata)

Iron Chests (by progwml6) 

JourneyMap (by Techbrew) 

Just Enough Items (by mezz)

MCMultiPart (by amadornes)

McjtyLib (by Mcjty)

MrTJPCore(by MrTJP)

Not Enough Items 1.8+ (by Chicken_bones) 

Project Red: Base (by MrTJP)

Project Red: Fabrication (by MrTJP)

Project Red: Integration (by MrTJP) 

Project Red: Lighting (by MrTJP)

Project Red: Mechanical (by MrTJP)

Project Red: World (by MrTJP)

ProjectE (by Sinkillrj)

Railcraft (by CovertJaguar)

Reborn Core (by modmuss50)

Reforged (by Silvercatcher)

RFTools (by Mcjty)

Tech Reborn (by modmuss50)

Thermal Solars (by JoltEffect)


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