Classic Simplicity

327 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Classic Simplicity is a vanilla+ modpack built around the core vanilla methods of gameplay. All mods expand upon some aspect of vanilla without overbearing on the pack. This is achieved through mods like Quark, SmartHoppers, and VanillaFoodPantry. Additionally, the pack has a fine-tuned progression system that slows things down a bit, while also giving Minecraft a more immersive feel. This is based purely on vanilla advancements (200+ custom advancements integrating vanilla and modded progression), which block the use of items using the Reskillable and CompatSkills mods. Thaumcraft and Twilight Forest are added for some fun vanilla+ questing and magic progression with friends!


Remember to look at specific mod features because a lot of the features are small and might not be obvious. (Ex: using a potion from Extra Alchemy to teleport home or using Quark to make shulker boxes renewable)


If you would like to disable the advancement-based progression system, please simply remove reskillable, compatkills, and triumph from the pack. I encourage installing optifine.

Fair warning: this pack is not meant for those who do not like building or are accustomed to single player play-throughs. This pack was built for long-term community play, like a vanilla server. There is no high-tech path, there is no ridiculous resource collecting, and there is no “end-game” over-the-top item that topples all others.



This pack contains betterFPS and Foamfix Anarchy. Please disable these mods, and Optifine if you have it, before you make any bug reports. Please make all bug reports directly to the mod authors issue page (usually their GitHub).


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