Chroma Technology

27,513 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

Chroma Technology Pack offers a unique collection of mods. This is a progression modpack, exploring dimensions, performing magic, or building automated tech systems are all possibilities! Playing with friends or alone, it never gets boring. Multiple craft have been changed to be able to move slowly towards the end game.


Featuring a unique collection of mods like AmbientSounds, Galacticraft and ExtraPlanets, Gravitation Suit, Modular Powersuits and more, on top of classics such as IC2, BuildCraft, Twilight Forest, AE2, and their add-ons, you have a lot to expect.


With a unique collection of over 300 mods, 1000+ quests, optimized & configured gameplay, and more surprises.Chroma Technology strives to provide the best playing experience.

  • The recommended RAM allocation for the pack is 7-8GB

    • Computers with only 8GB of RAM: make sure to close any other open browser or major programs while running the pack


If you're interested in hosting a server for Chroma Technology, click the image below!

 Click on the picture above, select plan(at least 5GB),

use my code CHROMATECH to get 25% off your first month, and enjoy playing with your friends!







A Modpack by: Gogo08, Nolifertu, Koepss



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