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With new dimensions, new mobs, new starting and even a slightly new progression system and of course modified recipes, Chroma Sky strives to bring a new skyblock experience to players. This modpack features a new collection of mods like Embers, Advanced Rocketry, Inspirations , Calculator, Project E and more to discover ! But what is a skyblock without classic mods like Thermal, EnderIO , Mekanism or Tinker Constructs ? This modpack offers you more than 200 mods, a bunch of quests and an optimized gameplay to make sure you will have fun !



  • The recommended RAM allocation for the pack is 6-7GB

    • Computers with only 6GB of RAM: make sure to close any other open browser or major programs while running the pack



If you're interested in hosting a server for Chroma Sky, click the image below!


 Click on the picture above, select plan(at least 5GB),

use my code CHROMATECH to get 25% off your first month, and enjoy playing with your friends!






A Modpack by: Gogo08, Nolifertu, Koepss