Chaotic Progression

10,040 Downloads Last Updated: May 18, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Months in the making, Chaotic Progression is a lightweight challenge modpack highlighting lesser-known mods as well as some old favourites and has unique world generation thanks to HexLands.


Developed for Twitch broadcaster reninsane this pack will introduce you to a strange and chaotic world where advancements in technology are balanced with an increase in danger.


Progression is loosely gated with Game Stages and players are provided with an advancement-based survival guide with hundreds of quests to guide you (open with L by default). Grind is kept to an absolute minimum and there are a hoard of useful resources available for the taking out in the wild...but do you dare? Increasingly dangerous enemies will hunt for you as you draw attention to yourself with technology, and they're smarter than you may think...


Progression is fair (and was developed in survival mode), so you will always have access to tools to help you to survive. Rather than strict gating, the advancement guide is there to show players the options available, and can freely switch between unlocked categories at any time.


For those that want the ultimate challenge, this pack was designed from the ground up for both hardcore and softcore difficulty and features teams so you can share advancements with friends.


While lightweight, this pack runs best with between 6-8GB of RAM assigned.


Team commands from Together Forever

  • /tofe invite <player_name> - Invites a player to your team, if you don't have a team it will be created
  • /tofe accept <player_name> - Accepts the invite to join that player's team
  • /tofe decline <player_name> - Declines the invite to join that player's team
  • /tofe kick <player_name> - It kicks a player from your team, only the player that created the team is allowed to run the command
  • /tofe leave - Leaves your current team
  • /tofe info - Shows information about your team
  • /tofe forcesync - Forces the sync of team information



- Issues should be posted on the Github page, not in the Curseforge comments

- Server files are available on Curseforge

- If you're a content creator and are trying out this pack, feel free to let me know!

- Chaotic Progression and server files are only available from Curseforge and the Twitch app. If you find it elsewhere then it's fake and may contain malware.


Other Modpacks

Gametech's HCMC Plus - 1.15.2 vanilla+ modpack built for the #MCHC100 challenge


Mod list

/dank/null - TheRealp455w0rd

Advanced Darkness - trentv4

Advanced Generators - bdew

Advanced Rocketry - zmaster587

Animalium - Vadis365

Animania - Purplicious_Cow and RazzleberryFox

AppleSkin - squeek502

ArchitectureCraft - bk1325

Avaritia - brandon3055

Avaritia Tweaks - Jackyy

Baubles - azanor

Better Advancements - Way2muchnoise

Better Builder's Wands - Portablejim

BetterBedrockGen - Gigabit101

BetterFps - Guichaguri

Bonsai Trees - Davenonymous

Chance Cubes - Turkey

Chisel - tterrag1098

Chisel & Bits - AlgorithmX2

ChocoCraft - clienthax

Clumps - jaredlll08

CobbleWorks - CobbleWorksMC

Controlling - jaredlll08

Cooking for Blockheads - BlayTheNinth

Corail Tombstone - Corail31

CraftTweaker - jaredlll08

Crop Dusting - MrAmericanMike

Custom Main Menu - Lumien

Cyclic - Lothrazar

Dark Utilities - Darkhax

Default Options - BlayTheNinth

Default World Generator - EzTerry

Diamond Glass - Kreezxil

Dimension Stages - Darkhax

Dynamic Surroundings - OreCruncher

Dynamic Surroundings HUDs - OreCruncher

Environmental Materials - ValkyrieofNight

Environmental Tech - ValkyrieofNight

Epic Siege Mod - Funwayguy

EvilCraft - kroeser

Farming for Blockheads - BlayTheNinth

FastWorkbench - Shadows_Of_Fire

FoamFix - asiekierka

FTB Utilities - LatvianModder

FTBLib - LatvianModder

Fun Ores - SilentChaos512

Game Stages - Darkhax

Genetics Reborn - TheUnderTaker11

Hex Lands - SuperFluke

Ice and Fire - alex1the1666

In Control! - McJty

Inventory Tweaks - Kobata

Iron Backpacks - gr8pefish

Iron Chests - progwml6

Item Stages - Darkhax

JourneyMap - techbrew

JEHC - mrAppleXZ

JEI - mezz

JER - Way2muchnoise

Landlust - streifentier

LightningCraft - sbletric

Lucky Beans - Jackyy

MalisisDoors - Ordinastie

Mekanism - aidancbrady

Mekanism Generators - aidancbrady

Mo' Bends - GoblinBob

Mo' Villages - The_WeatherPony

Mob Stages - Darkhax

ModTweaker - jaredlll08

Morpheus - Quetzi

Mouse Tweaks - YaLTeR

MultiStorage - ShetiPhian

Neat - Vazkii

Not Enough Wands - Romelo333

Open Modular Passive Defence - Keridos

OpenBlocks Elevator - VsnGamer

OpenModularTurrets - VoltyFarstar

Ore Excavation - Funwayguy

OreLib - OreCruncher

Ore Stages - Darkhax

Pam's Harvestcraft - MatrexsVigil

Phosphor - jellysquid_

Pickle Tweaks - BlakeBr0

Platforms - ShetiPhian

ProjectE - sinkillerj

QuantumStorage - Gigabit101

Quark - Vazkii

Quick Leaf Decay - Lumien

Realistic Torches - Chaosyr

Recipe Stages - jaredlll08

Refined Avaritia - ExpensiveKoala

Refined Storage - raoulvdberge

Refined Storage Addons - raoulvdberge

Resource Loader - Lumien

Rough Mobs 2 - Lellson

Scaling Health - SilentChaos512

Silent's Gems - SilentChaos512

Simple Corn - cleverpanda714

Sky Resources 2 - Bartz24

Snad - TheRoBrit

Stargate Atlantiscraft - AlphaShadowhawk

SwingThroughGrass - exidex

The One Probe - McJty

Toast Control - Shadows_Of_Fire

Together Forever - Buuz135

Triumph - BloodNBonesGaming

Unlimited Chisel Works - asiekierka

ViesCraft - Vieses

Wall-Jump! - genandnic

Weather, Storms & Tornadoes - Corosus

Wild Crops - Kormic911

Wither Skeleton Tweaks - Shadows_Of_Fire

Woot - Ipsis

YABBA - LatvianModder



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