Chaotic Crusade is a kitchen sink pack made by Alexa, HarleeRuptic, and other members of the RupticMC Community!

This pack was made for the sole purpose of "updating" the original CrundeeCraft mod pack to 1.12.2 with our own twist for the RupticMC Network
CrundeeCraft was originally made by SSundee, MrCrainer, and Kehaan.

This pack will allow you to go any route you would like in the mod pack realm. Whether it be smelting a lot of different ores using the Tinkers' Construct Smeltery or try to go straight for the overpowered Draconic Evolution Staff of Power and cause destruction towards the insane monsters from Advent of Ascension. You can even make large, automated ore farms with Mystical Agriculture and Thermal Expansion!

At this time, Chaotic Crusade will NOT include DivineRPG because the mod causes issues with one of RMC's plugins.

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RMC Server IPs:
cc.rupticmc.com (SERVER IP)

play.rupticmc.com (HUB)


Not optimized for single player.

We will not have a server pack (currently).

The suggested amount of ram is 5.5GB allocated to Minecraft.