chanclas one

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After playing Enigmatica 6 and Ragnamod, among others I had some ideas of what mods my "ideal custom modpack" should contain so that's why this project exists.

Feel free to play as you like (kitchen sink approach) or follow any of the questbook (30 quest chapters) which will guide you through lots of tech and/or magic mods.

Settings / Getting started

  • It is designed to be played on Hard difficulty and Default world generator.
  • Most of the chests you find on dungeons will be Lootr chests so you can play with this friends and everyone will get their own loot
  • You can generate resources via bees, mystical agriculture or jellyfish (most of it easy to automate: apiaries, botany pots/garden cloches)
  • Recommended RAM settings: 6GB
  • Server files will be posted soon, no ETA.


This modpack contains a hefty amount of mods (almost 300).

Click this line to check the entire mod list, hosted on GitHub