Cereal Club Pack

32 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4  

This world has been ravaged by the hostilities of dragons, magic, and the like. Villagers have been forced to abandon their pacifistic ways, and have taken up to guarding their homes themselves. The landscapes are dotted with abandoned structures, some in better shape than others, and you, have arrived. You bring with you machines, colonies, and a sense of adventure to explore and conquer this strange new world.

This pack is heavy on exploration, expansion of vanilla mechanics, and large additions ranging from Wyrmroost to Create, all of which gives a new and refreshing experience all tied together in this almost 100 mod package. it is highly recommended to use at least 5 GB of ram to run smoothly. Its not ideal, but it'll allow for the best experience possible. What started out as just a small idea from a friend and myself turned into a large pack with a server full of friends participating, and now I want to share it here. Its not perfect, and I'm open to all help and criticism, so if you see an issue, let me know! I have plans for this pack in the future, but this is the first version i'm comfortable with releasing. 

Big additions include:
- Create
- Dungeons Mobs

- Dungeons Gear

- Eidolon

- Enigmatic Legacy

- MineColonies

- Pam's
- Quark

- Spartan's Weaponry + Shields

- Terraforged + Biomes OP

- Wyrmroost

- YUNG's Better Caves/Mineshafts/Portals


All mods can be found right here on Curse. A full modlist can be found here: Pastebin Link


Reach me on discord at KimJongUninstall#1337 for any questions, suggestions, etc. I'm open to anything to improve this pack.


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