Caves and Creations

130 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

Caves and Creations is a super-lightweight pack made with the intention of adding just a few things to make the Caves and Cliffs Part II update just a little more interesting!


The mods included are Create, CC: Tweaked, Mahou Tsukai, Alex's Mobs, Repurposed Structures, Create Chunkloading, MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod, Nature's Compass, Corpse, Terralith, Chunk Loaders, and their required library mods.


Feel free to add any mods you like to your own installation! I made this for a private server for my friends to play on so I'll be updating this if I add more mods that fit the theme!


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