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135 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

Welcome to Category Testing Fabric, a modpack with a mix of tech, weapons/tools & tweaks.


For tech mods there is Astromine which adds many tiers of machines for ore doubling, tools, pressing plates, adding meteorites to build a rocket.


For weapons/tools there is Adabranium, Adapxels, Age of Exile and Materialisation for either different tiers, different types like Hammers, or mixing of resources to using tool parts benefit stats.


Tweaks or misc mods include: having your campfire as a home point using Home Camp, Stonecuttters being able to harm mobs and players with Harmful Stonecutters, HUD elements like arrow count, keys used (WASD, left/right click, etc.) and more with KronHUD, clearing search bars with a right click in Right Click Clear, dynamic lighting with LambDynamicLights, finding out what block is from what mod with Hwyla and Can I Mine This Block among others covering other areas.


Note: If planning to use this for 1.16.3 and on MultiMC instead of Twitch just remove the Disable Custom Worlds Advice mod and it will work fine. The Advice mod is intended for 1.16.2 only.


Video Showcasing What's In The Pack:


Mod List:



-Age Of Exile

-Astromine Core (indivudal were added for those that only want to use certain features and not be stuck if they had to remove the Complete one)

-Astromine Discoveries

-Astromine Foundations

-Astromine Techologies

-Astromine Transportations


-Block Meter

-Can I Mine This Block

-Cloth API Fabric


-Cloth Config API

-Curios API Fabric

-Custom Selection Box

-Disable Custom Worlds Advice (to remove the experimental settings message :D)


-Fabric API

-Fabric Language Kotlin

-Fabric Language Scala

-Flamin Hot

-Gravel Ores

-Harmful Stonecutters


-Home Camp


-Improved Stations

-Iron Jetpacks Fabric






-Library Of Exile

-Light Overlay


-Mod Menu

-Oh The Crafting Has Tabled

-Ok Zoomer

-Rare Ice

-Resource Tools Fabric

-Right Click Clear

-Ring of Attraction Fabric

-Ring of Growth Fabric

-Roughly Enough Items

-Sign Copy

-Simple Backpack Fabric

-Slight GUI Modifications

-The Bumblezone Fabric

-Toro Health Damage Indictators


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