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Hello and welcome to Category Covering Lite.


This modpack was made to cover at least something from each category of mods for either newcomers to mods or just those that want a lightweight pack to get into and have fun.



1.AppleSkin (for hunger focused/HUD mods, benefits food/hunger bar)

2.Better Builder's Wands (for making building easier)

3.Chest Transporter (making chests transported so you don't have to move items and break the chest you can take it with you)

4.Ender Storage (wool coloured/coded ender chests, allowing for more with ender chests than the Vanilla one)

5.EZ Storage 2 (for basics of inventory system mods, if chests aren't enough, try a modular computer system, only not as complex as Applied Energistics or others that get more in depth. Store items, search items, automate inputting and outputting of items + more)

6.Iron Chests (when wooden chest slot sizes aren't doing it for you)

7.Just Enough Items (recipe viewing for vanilla/modded interfaces and cheating items. Best Mod of it's kind)

8.LightningCraft (for easy tech understanding of a crusher, powered furnace and special mod crafting tables, the mod also has an underworld dimension as the end game, to progress to the dimension you must fight specific mobs, tools/weapons easily made and can be powered, tools above diamond tier and armour has potion effects)

9.Neat (mob health display)

10.Overpowered Armor Bar (makes it easier to tell how much protection modded armours have above diamond)

11.Portable Crafting (craft on the go instead of placing a crafting table on the ground/use it to store items like a backpack [not its real/intended use but you can if you want to])

12.Powered Thingies (basic tech/farming machines, used for reasons towards assisting players and also the differences of Power APIs, sort of)

13.Simple Gravel Ores (would have gone with Nether Ore like mods but I thought an in overworld type would work better so you see them more and also if you need resources or want something else to add to the world, look above ground instead of underground or in another dimension just to get them)

14.Skylands (if the Underworld isn't as interesting or too difficult to reach, the Skylands are as simple as a magic bean from a dungeon chest to the Minecraft Beta era sky dimension before The End was a thing, now for recent versions of the game with mods. I would have gone with Aether Legacy or other dimension mods but this was simpler/smaller and easy to go for compared to it. Just worked for also the size requirements of the pack I was aiming for)

15.Solar Village (a solar panel for the Tesla Power API, should work with LightningCraft and Powered Thingies without trouble as LightningCraft works with Tesla and RF same as Powered Thingies)

16.Soul Shards: The Old Ways (for mob spawning/mob farms)

17.Sparks Hammers (3x3 mining, makes 1x1 seem really tiresome it never feels the same without them, maybe to me anyways XD)

18.Storage Cabinet (good for items enchanted books or tools that take up a slot or a single stack, but can be used like a barrel which is used for multiple of the same type, like all cobblestone but not cobblestone and stone)

19.Wings (a flight mod with many options for what you are flying with)

20.WIT (What is That) (a mod to allow you to understand what a block/item is and what mod it came from, what pick tier it requires, it's one of the simplest of it kind and suits)

21.Xaero's Minimap (a map that sits on your screen to tell you where you are, mark waypoints, teleport to them and customise markers).


Considerations added later since creating description for first time/extra mods added to 1.0 before exporting/releasing:

22.Simple Corn (a food mod to grow, find in villages, cook into popcorn, make a chowder out of and a firework rocket)

23.Find Your Way (find strongholds, woodland mansions, nether fortresses, ocean monuments and villages with compasses for less difficulty searching for them/and not using the /locate command, no dungeon support though)


V1.1 - Magic Update (added as 1.1 since exported [not released] but keep forgetting to add mods sometimes that I've sure should be in the pack):

24.Vanilla Magic (for mob spawning, quarries, vanilla blocks and items used in 'magical' ways).


V1.2 - Transportation Assistance Update:

25.Dung Pipe (drop blocks on the ground from adjacent block or drop blocks through walls/a block)

26.Faucets and Filters (filter hopper, hopper pipe and faucet to drop items from they types of blocks)

27.iTank (lightweight tank added since ender tanks don't really just suit on their own for fluid storage)

28.More Overlays (light level overlays similar to NEI)

29.Flopper (fluid hopper, need some lightweight fluid transport, got it now)

30.Resizing Potion (shrink or grow the player character size, for fun as well as help with 1 block space piping of hoppers, floppers and otherwise/cable management)


(And their cores: Cyclops Core for Flopper, Bibliotheca for iTank)


V1.3 - I keep missing one mod and then remembering what it is, mk2 (mk1 was 1.1) update:

31.Cloud Boots Mod! (fall damage reasons, I would have put 1.4.1 due to particles in multiplayer and repairs allow gold ingots but I didn't bother to add it myself to the pack and Twitch won't notice it if I downloaded it through Twitch itself since the 1.4.1 update was so new for being uploaded)


V1.4 - Tech, Horse Mods & Extras Update:

-Cloud Boots Mod! V1.4.1 added now unlike V1.3 due to update timing being awkward before.

32.Clothesline (I thought about adding Signals or a minecart mod but then went with this for other transportation methods besides pipes as well as a decoration to use for builds)

33.Craftable Elytra (for those that want elytras quicker, as well as for the sake of another mod's recipes)

34.Horse Debug Info (added to make horses stats helpful in the F3 menu as well as other mobs)

35.Horse Tweaks (adding more for Horses towards saddles and a craftable one)

36.Omega Craft (for adding more tech as well as a suite of things to do, since Powered Thingies was more added for farming besides it's other tech aspects, and LightningCraft was more for it's 'all in one'. Also I guess for another tier of machines to go for)

37.Open Glider (for player transportation being better if Horse transportation isn't for you, also craftable elytra was considered for the 2nd tier glider here)

38.Persistent Bits (a chunkloader, why stand around when you can load the game and things will go in the background while you adventure. It's like having another player standing around in a loaded area of the game and you can do your other tasks)

39.Repair Gem (Repair tools with this gem in your hotbar. Configs I have left default.)

40.TSON Craft (A hardcore survival mod with more food, tool heads/rods, few slot chests, a long time to make a crafting table aka reach 3x3 crafting. Think an ender eye before you get a crafting table XD :(. You can make up your mind with this one or not by disabling or changing the configs)

41.WaterWorks (A pump/rain collection mod)

42.Lord Craft (A magic mod with tiles, staffs, deep lore prepared ahead, 6 major paths of magic, 2 splits between them. A lot to it. But a lot has happened in it since I last picked it up)

43.Craftable Horse Armour (Why not, I have other horse focused mods, might as well add horse armour and saddles to be craftable. Although if you don't want this mod Omega Craft has a recipe for the saddle for some reason so that's convenient I guess)


V1.4.1 - Config Changes and A Few Extra Mods Update:

44.OpenBlocks Elevator

45.Collecting Rain

46.Killer Table

47.Just Another Rope Ladder


V1.4.2 - Tutorial + New Mods Update:

48.Assisted Progression

49.Simple Void World

50.Hardcore Questing Mode (HQM)

+ Tutorial World covering all mods and those in this update (originally was going to just use a HQM and Simple Void World tutorial/playground, but then I just went with a playground of all the mods in a simpler way in the overworld once the prior crashed with a particular mod block function (LightningCraft's Miner block crashes the game on a particular mode/or when getting an ore block with a mode.)



-Removed Hardcore Questing Mode for death/crashing reasons (at least in my experience anyways)

51.Craftable Name Tags



52.stimmedcow: NoMoreRecipeConflicts (added to sort out a LightningCraft/TSON Craft recipe I remember, otherwise added because it's kinda helpful)

53.Pocket Nether Link


V1.4.5 Adventure/Hot Air Update:

54.End Reborn (to spice up the overworld/end, add more adventure compared to the more 'inventory/tech/small mods on the side' I'd been going for I know, instead of just another dimension mod [was originally looking for] or a dungeon mod)

55.Pirates (for more to add to the world because why not, its release state but an alpha so, not had any issues myself or found it to be too awkward, at least to me, but we'll see. I might remove it if End Reborn adds enough that Pirates isn't really need for the pack or just the state it's in)

56.Prodigy Tech (LightningCraft's Lightning focus, Omega Craft's typical with a few things about it, and Prodigy Tech's 'Hot Air' focus).

57.Freelook (added for testing but forgot I added it, I'd say it can stay though).


As per usual, I'm after feedback for the Modpack. And DON'T REPOST THE MODPACK OR THE RELATED MODS TO OTHER SITES.


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