1,744 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Official discord server can be found here: (if you want to ask something {and/or just chat, maybe keep up with news}, it's best to do it there since I'm more active)


Report issue you find on the issue tracker please! This is both to prevent comment spam and notify other players of said issue(s).


OptiFine will not work with this modpack! It causes lag and I don't know why.


This modpack is focused around technology (mainly Mekanism) and research (using Research Table and Game Stages), with the end goal being to build automation that can make $1,000,000 (using AdminShop)


The main focus of the research system is to progress through the various ages of technology, by using the Research Table and feeding it various Data Disks.


There's also a few quests to guide you through the progression (with actually useful rewards this time!), but they're not strictly required for modpack completion.


So, do you dare take up my challenge to produce $1,000,000?


Note that I have some post-game content planned (making even more money, special super-expensive items, etc.), but for now the modpack only has the beginning and middle of the "tech tree"


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