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Welcome Players, to BusinessElite-Plus a Minecraft Forge based, tech focused, mod-pack. As a player have you ever wanted to build the technology to create a rocket, fly into space and kill a skeleton with lasers? Then this is the place for you.

Having gone through several variations and versions over the years, the core of the BE+ community remains the same. We are a tech based modpack featuring mods such as Thermal expansion, AE2, Immersive engineering, and others. Now with a touch of magic! Regardless of skill level we welcome you to join us online and are working on various methods to introduce new players to the limitless world of modded Minecraft.

Our Staff are working hard at creating a fun Multiplayer server that will allow Players to build massive bases with various Technologies and machinery. As players progress through the hours of game play we have added some special tweaks for the players that want a real challenge.

Our team at BE+ is kind and always willing to help a player out if they need it. Whether it be problems downloading, running, or playing on the server we will happily work with you to figure it out. The Team

Semi-Open 1.19.2 Beta Server

Want to be part of the modpack testing? You can join our discord to find out what you can do to help!

Q: What is Semi-Closed?
A: Semi-Closed means the server isn't 100% public yet, we have some small things needed from users first before they can join.

Q: Why Semi-Closed?
A: The reason for it is the server is still in a Beta state. The semi-close is just so we are able to keep a better eye on what the server is doing, before we can open it up more. IE Beta Testing

Join Our Discord link for more info

We recommend a minimum of 6-8gb of ram for out modpack. For those with only 8gb total do not go higher than 6gb, as this will cause your computer to choke. 
Our Multiplayer experience is sponsored by Bisect Hosting who provide server rentals of varying sizes from their website

 Get 25% off your server using our promocode: BEPLUS
Click the image below to get your own server going