Builders Delight 2

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Filename Builders Delight 2-2.9
Uploaded by Judicius
Uploaded Nov 15, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 1.54 MB
Downloads 28
MD5 152c7fe6f0a0795c22005d6edd39692b
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This is the first release of a Nether Update and is a BETA. If you're going to update an existing world you will need to generate new chunks in the nether or reset the nether (recommended).



Better Nether Reforged
Infernal Expansion
Ore Stone Variants


Updated Too:
Advanced Chimneys build 0191
Ambient Sounds 3.1.00 [Bug Fixes]
Catalogue 1.4.0
Chimes 1.0.0
Cloth Config 4.12.41
Collective 2.65
Configured 1.3.0
Connected Glass 1.1.1 [French and Italian language files]
Engineers Decor [adds russian language support]
Forge 36.2.9
Forge Enertech build 192
FTB Chunks 1605.3.2 build 81
FTB Library 1605.3.4 build 83
Geko Lib 3.0.54
Kobolds 1.4.9 [Updates]
Macaw's Bridges 2.0.0 [New Functionality!]
Minecolonies 1.0.124
More Minecarts 1.3.12
Performant 3.76
Polymorph 0.30
Puzzles Lib 1.0.15
Repurposed Structures 3.4.2
RS Gauges 1.2.12 [mapping updates]
Selene 1.9.0
Sophisticated Backpacks [fixes and functionality]
Structurize 0.13.252
SuperMartijn Core 1.0.14
Supplementaries 0.17.9 [Bug Fixes more mod support]
The Bumblezone 3.1.3
Tinkers Construct
Waystones 7.6.4 [Bug Fixes]

Added Better Nether and Infernal Expansion Biomes to quark big dungeon black list.
Removed Magma Grunts from spawning in the Nether to free up spawn cap for new mods.
Removed Flying Pig spawn until it's fixed.
Enabled additional search options for JEI (color, tag, and IDs).


**Add tip for Natures Compass not working in Nether.

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Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads Actions
BD2 Simple Server v2.9 BETA 4.30 KB Nov 15, 2021

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