Builders Delight 2

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Builders Delight
2 is designed to give you a wider array of biomes to build in, blocks to build with, and animals to populate the world. The pack shies away from tech and magic mods that can often add one-block solutions and instead incorporates mods such as Minecolonies to automate resources.

I created Builders Delight 2 originally for a group of friends who wanted to make epic builds with great creative freedom. The pack has grown to include diverse wildlife, extra dimensions, unique recipes, and sometimes more difficult challenges. I hope you enjoy this pack, and I welcome feedback and suggestions.


World Generation:

By default, Builders Delight will create a Biomes O' Plenty world to help offer a more diverse world with new and varied biomes. Some animal spawns have been tweaked to spawn specific to these new biomes.


Alternatively, Builders Delight 2 includes Terraforged, a mod that allows for a completely different type of world generation that creates a more realistic-feeling world. This includes realistic rivers bordered by marshes and swamps, gentle transitions in elevation for hills and valleys, and sharp changes in elevation for mesas and mountains, to name a few (check the images tab for some examples).

To create a Terraforged world follow these steps.

  • In the Create New World screen, select More World Options...
  • Change World Type: Biomes O' Plenty to World Type: Terraforged.
  • Click Customize under World Type.
  • Select BD Preset and click Load.
  • Click Done.


Terraforged offers many options, and you're welcome to play around with them as you see fit. BD Presets is just a simple way to suggest a set of options for your new world.

It is also suggested that you generate chunks in your Terraforged world after creation as this is a intense change to world generation for Minecraft. To do so you need to be in creative mode and use the /forge generate command.




A full list of mods can be found on the Relations tab.

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