BromigoCraft 2 - Forged in Steel

1,454 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 10, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

BromigoCraft 2 Forged in steel for Minecraft 1.10.2 is developed, maintained, and customized by superdave4054, creator of the widely popular BromigoCraft for Minecraft 1.7.10  


BromigoCraft 2 is customized to slow progression and will make you rethink your priorities of play. The pack was created around the mod Immersive Engineering for slowing the progression. In addition to some of the best mods the Minecraft Modded Community has to offer, you will be introduced to custom recipes, nerfed items, and quests guided to make the vanilla Minecraft player more comfortable with modded Minecraft. Play the quests or play at your own pace. Nothing is forced on the player. Join the Bromigos on You Tube (links below) during live streams, recorded content, and Discord server chat as they play through the pack made for the averavge player wanting to up their game level! 



  • Bromigos Discord/YouTube community built structures spawned in-game!
  • Quests using the Better Questing Mod.
  • Specitalty tool crafting and forging.
  • Automatic ore doubling.
  • Automatic mining.
  • Bees, bees, and more bees.
  • Realistic ambiance and atmosphere.
  • Tweaked and custom recipes - some easy...some not so easy (for progression purposes).
  • Creative building mods like chisels & bits, flat colored blocks, shear madness, and more!
  • No need to go to the nether or end for early progression (thanks to custom recipes).
  • And of course, all the other things that Minecraft has to offer.

Check out the Bromigos: 

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Hang out with us on Discord: 


This project, in its current form, would not be possible without the help of these folks:

Redgoblin88 - Modtweaker/CraftTweaker sctripts, Pack dev/testing

Popps73 - Pack Dev/Testing

QuartzNova - Pack Dev/testing

TheOGPokey - Testing

MagicDad - Testing


Community Built Structures:









Those who have gone before us but deserve an honorable mention:

Dawgeth (AKA MattTheDev)

- Former Bromigo and Founding father:


Barbaquedsloth (AKA Slothius_the_Savage)

- Former Bromigo and Founding Father:


ShadsOfficial (AKA ShadsOfficial)

- Former Bromigo and Founding Father:



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