Boundless Expanse

4,513 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10


This pack aims to unify all the mods in the pack. This idea came from Infinity Expert mode as from
people on the FTB subreddit requesting an easier version of Infinity Expert mode.


The main features of the pack:

(e.g Quarries) End Game Items Cost More

All tech mods will be integrated with each other
Only ONE power system RF (Excluding magic systems)

All Magic mods will be integrated:
With the "Good" (Good as in kind) magic mods being linked
and the "Evil" magic mods being linked.

Thaumcraft acts neutral and is optional in most cases

Plans to have an easier recipe for certain items
you are able to use "loot" items for an easier crafting recipe
these are obtained from places like the erebus and twilight forest.
(This should encourage exploration)

Not including tinkers construct
not because its a bad mod (I love it)
Not included because it makes other items redundant
Replacements for certain tinkers items will be included.


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