bloody resurrection

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

This pack makes some hardcore packs look easy, (considering they don't use epic siege). And the sheer amount of steps needed for even the simplest items, A chest for example can take more than a day.(Witch in this pack is 96000 ticks) to make.


The packs features (Most planned).


Custom recipes for almost every item.


Crafting tables as big as 10x10 (Not used yet), And ones used to add tools to the recipes.


Mobs can place TNT and mine blocks


Temperature, Thirst and, Necessary food variety 


How to start.


Find gravel, Sand and, Clay, (With oredriect "clayBall"), Along with sticks (From leaves), And plant fiber (From vanilla grass).


Make flint.


Beat flint against stone.


Make something with the oredriect "cordageGeneral" and make a hatchet.


Get primal rocks from stone and survivalist rocks from gravel.


Make mortar.


Make cobble.


The rest you'll have to find out.








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