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Blahaj SMP: Trainers' Tales Pack

Modpack for the Blahaj SMP Minecraft Server

Blahaj SMP is a Minecraft server dedicated towards being a safe space for LGBTQIA+ peoples and gives them a safe environment in which they can have fun and play Minecraft.

Trainers' Tales is the latest iteration of Blahaj SMP
Trainers' Tales is all about community

As such, this Modpack Features many mods that help build that community feel and involvement

These mods include:
Chisel and Bits
and many more...

With the mods we have, you can:
- Build factories
- Catch and train Pokémon
- Explore new biomes

- Race around in cars
- Build things with a whole new level of detail

If you want to join our ever-growing community of over 100 players: https://discord.gg/U9ueyjQ3HS