Binary 6 Squared Sky Challenge

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Filename B6^2 Sky
Uploaded by Kreezxil
Uploaded Sep 8, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 390.72 KB
Downloads 100
MD5 5a230da5112d5f136d7d6ea0b1f46dbc
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Discovered that Technical Dimensions was crashing the dedicated server and had to remove it! It wasn't just crashing it occasionally, it was doing it excessively, this has been reported to the modmuss50 the author of it.


Because of the mod removal above the server I have been running went through a block ID shift! Therefore if you don't want to reset your world do not upgrade to this version. I am releasing it as BETA for that one reason, because when modmuss50 decides to update Technical Dimensions, I'll add that back to the pack, and then go back to calling it a release. On Technic the pack will be released as latest but not recommended. That means the server download will be for latest, but recommended which is currently version 3.6.0 is what everyone should use.


Updates as follows:


applecore version mc1.10.2-2.0.0.jar removed
applecore version mc1.10.2-2.0.1.jar added


armorplus version 1.10.2- removed
armorplus version 1.10.2- added


basemetalgolems[1.10] version 6.01.1.jar removed
basemetalgolems[1.10] version 6.02.1.jar added


better with mods version 0.9.1-1.10.2-hotfix3.jar removed
better with mods version 0.9.2-1.10.2.jar added


bookshelf version 1.10.2- removed
bookshelf version 1.10.2- added


darkutilities version 1.10.2- removed
darkutilities version 1.10.2- added


endercore version 1.10.2- removed
endercore version 1.10.2- added


enderio version 1.10.2- removed
enderio version 1.10.2- added


extragolems[1.10.2] version 6.02.jar added
extragolems[1.10] version 6.01.jar removed


ezstorage version 2.2.2.jar removed
ezstorage version 2.2.3.jar added


forestry_1.10.2 version removed
forestry_1.10.2 version added


generators version removed
generators version added


hempfarmer version 1.9.4-1.10.2-1.7.1.jar removed
hempfarmer version 1.9.4-1.10.2-1.7.3.jar added


jei_1.10.2 version removed
jei_1.10.2 version added


lightningcraft version 2.5.0-[1.10.2].jar removed
lightningcraft version 2.5.1-[1.10.2].jar added


login_shield version 1.10.2-2-gb034074.jar removed
login_shield version 1.10.2-3-g9842c5f.jar added


malisisdoors version 1.9.4-5.0.3.jar removed
malisisdoors version 1.9.4-5.0.4.jar added


mcjtylib version 1.10-1.9.9.jar removed
mcjtylib version 1.10-2.0.1.jar added


progressiveautomation version 1.10.2-1.6.50.jar removed
progressiveautomation version 1.10.2-1.6.51.jar added


reborncore version 1.10.2- removed
reborncore version 1.10.2- added


rftools version 1.10-5.21.jar removed
rftools version 1.10-5.22.jar added


simplebarrels version 1.10.2-2002-1.25g.jar removed
simplebarrels version 1.10.2-2002-1.25h.jar added


skyresources version 1.1.0.jar removed
skyresources version 1.1.1.jar added


storagedrawers version 1.10.2-3.2.6.jar removed
storagedrawers version 1.10.2-3.2.7.jar added


technicaldimensions version removed


techreborn version 1.10.2- removed
techreborn version 1.10.2- added


viescraft version 1.2.8b-mc1.10.2.jar removed
viescraft version 1.3.2a-mc1.10.2.jar added


wawla version 1.10.2- removed
wawla version 1.10.2- added


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