Beyond The Skies

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Beyond the Skies

Welcome adventurer to a new Skyblock experience, now playable in 1.12!



Originally inspired by Minecraft Skyblock and a collection of mechanical packed mods comes our newest modpack, Beyond the Skies! This amazing modpack includes some of the most popular and versatile mods in tech, magic reactors, rockets, and much more. It comes with two different Skyblock modes that challenge your Minecraft skills. Go beyond the skies by creating space-bound rockets or setup Extreme Reactors to power your automated farms. This modpack has plenty of features to keep you playing for hours!


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Outer Space

190 mods, many custom crafts, chickens, angel rings. There are so many amazing things to do! Explore the big void of the space and go to any planet you want! Now with extra planets, you can now go to Pluto! Don't be afraid of pressure and radiation; there are no more pressure and a tier 1 space suit armor is enough to keep 0% radiation! No more radiation in space stations too :)



Unlike other new skyblock modpacks, this pack doesn’t require too much grind. I mean, you just sieve 64 compressed gravels and you can get up to 35 diamonds/emeralds. You don't need too many stupid things for crafting one other thing, this isn't too complex, it's just for fun, for using as many mods as possible. Even the hard mode isn't as hard as some packs which require a totally stupid amount of wood for a crafting table.

Here is a let's play of Beyond the Skies by Modii101 ! (a bit outdated)




To play hard mode, go to packmode.cfg and change "normal" to "hard" then restart your game!



To get Ender / Nether structures, play “VOID? WORLD”. Start your world and use the command “/island create gog”. Break roots to craft a sapling and to get started on the modpack!


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