Beyond The Exotic Realm

912 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

A kitchen sink style mod pack with tech magic and thaumaturgy,


This pack offers a lot of different mods and experiences so let's hope you enjoy your stay!


it will take a long time to complete everything in this mod-pack so be prepared for the long hull!

We have an official server for this pack that is up 24/7 the IP is in the pack when u load it up :D

(server is down rn for extended maintenance it will be up before Christmas break 2017)





The mod list is as follows 



*AE2 Stuff


*Aroma1997's Dimensional world

*Back tools


*Better Builders Wands

*Biblio Craft
*Blood Arsenal

*blood magic (when its updated)




*chisel and bits

*Draconic Evolution

*extra utilities 2 and Dark utilities

*deco craft





and so much more!



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