Beware The Darkness

114 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Have you ever wanted to find out what Minecraft would be like as a horror? What it would be like to have to fight for your very survival? Well here's your chance! With this modpack you will be heavily immersed and always having to watch your back! Those creatures out there are not forgiving and will hunt you down so always keep your guard up! Don't bother trying to outrun zombies as they're faster than you! Pick your fights carefully as mobs will now form packs and become roaming hordes hunting for YOU! Beware The Darkness, something lurks in the darkest places and takes any unsuspecting player by surprise! This pack has all you'll need for your survival, magical and technological needs from Tinkers to Pams and even Thaumcraft! We've got you covered even in end game with Draconic Evolution!


Want to try out the horror experience yourself? Use these! Latest Optifine + Chocapic13 V8 Shaders (with atmospheric setting above 10 or to your liking) as well as using the Lost Cities tall buildings world generation setting! Once in game use these commands; gamerule doDaylightCycle false & time set 23000 after those press F9 to open Music Player and play the ambience playlist! With these it'll be the perfect horror city experience!


This modpack includes the external mod Sound Physics!


If you make a video about this Modpack or play a series feel free to message me and I'll add your link for others to see!


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