Better With Waterpack

278 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 11, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This modpack is not particularly beginner friendly. I'd reccomend starting a world in creative if you are unfamiliar with many of these mods


Welcome to Better With Waterpack a modpack where simple things you take for advantage in regular Minecraft aren't as simple. For example, infinite water sources don't work anymore*,  smelting regular iron ore doesn't give you full ingots only nuggets and making towers of blocks below your feet no longer works*. World gen also has many new structures


Hey, we recently reached 50 downloads! Just wanted to say thanks.


*These are all features present in version 0.2 some settings are altered in newer releases



Map/Mod credits: 

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Map Credit:

Omega Arena created by TripDering

Mod Credits:
Applecore by squeek502
AppleSkin by squeek502
Armor Stand Configurator by csb987
Astral Sorcery by HellFirePvP
AtomicStryker's Battle Towers by AtomicStryker
AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs by AtomicStryker
Base Metals by jriwanek
Baubles by azanor
Baubley Heart Canisters by Radient_Sora
Better Questing by Funwayguy
Better Questing - Quest Book by Drethic
Better Questing - Standard Expansion by Funwayguy
Better With Mods by BeetoGuy
BetterFps by Guichaguri
BetterWithLib by primetoxinz
Blur by tterrag1098
Botania by Vazkii
Career Bees by RWTema
Chicken Chunks 1.8.+ by covers1624
CoFH Core by TeamCoFH
CoFH World by Team CoFH
Complex Crops by Icedice9
ConnectedTexturesMod by tterrag1098
Controlling by jaredllll08
CraftTweaker by jaredllll08
Cucumber Library by BlakeBr0
Culinary Construct by theillusivec4
DragonWingsElytra by Messiah_Of_Doom
Equipment Tooltips by SilentChaos512
Ex Compressum by BlayTheNinth
Ex Nihilo: Creatio by BloodWorkXGaming
External Tweaker by Bartz24
Forestry by SirSengir
FPS Reducer by bre2el
Hammer Core by Zeitheron
Horse Power by Gory_Moon
Hwyla by TehNut
Ignition: Foundry by Shadows_of_Fire
Immersive Craft by McJty
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
Iron Chests by progwml6
JEI Bees by bdew
JourneyMap by techbrew
Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz
JustTheTips by deflatedpickle
Kyth's Overpowered Moss by Kythyria
Magic Bees by MysteriousAges
Magneticraft by cout970
Mantle by mDiyo
McJtyLib by McJty
MineTogether by Creeperhost
MMD OreSpawn by jriwanek
Mob Battle Mod by Flemmli97
ModelLoader by cout970
More Bees by Tencao
Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR97
Mystical Agriculture by BlakeBr0
Natural Nether Portals by Insane96
Neat by Vazkii
Nether Metals by knoxhack
Netherending Ores by ic_trab
OpenComputers by SangarWasTaken
OpenComputers Drivers for Tinkers Construct by BrisingrAerowing
Pickle Tweaks by BlakeBr0
Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire
Primal Tech by Vadis365
PrimalChests by jaredllll08
PrimalCore by An_Sar
Redstone Flux by TeamCoFH
Rustic by mangoose3039
Rustic Thaumaturgy by Voxel_Friend
SaltyMod by Liahim85
Scaling Health by SilentChaos512
Shadowfacts' Forgelin by shadowfactsmc
Silent Gear by SilentChaos512
Silent Lib by SilentChaos512
Silent's Gems by SilentChaos512
Silent's Gems - TiC Support by SilentChaos512
Silent's Gems: Extra Parts by SilentChaos512
Simple Corn by cleverpanda714
Snad by TheRoBrit
Spice of Life: Carrot Edition by LordCazsius
stimmedcow: NoMoreRecipeConflict by Oliv1er
TAIGA (Tinkers alloying addon) by Zkaface
Tetra by mickelus
Thaumcraft by azanor (
Thaumic Additions: Reconstructed by Zeitheron
Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH
Tinkers Construct by mDiyo
Tinkers' Tool Leveling by bonusboni
Tomb Many Graves 2 by M4thG33k
TombManyGraves 2 API M4thG33k
Totemic by ljfa
Water Strainer by Rubironi
Watercan by codetaylor
Wither Skeleton Tweaks by Shadows_of_Fire
Xnet by McJty

I do not claim to own any of these mods all credits go to creators creddited above.



There is a better questing quest line for this modpack


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