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Do you like Bees? Do you want to learn how to mess around with bees? This is the modpack for you:




It's a full pack focus on Bees! 205 quests that are going to make you work hard, but the rewards are good! It's a unusual modpack because it's only focus on one thing! You can use Gendustry (and I advice) to get the next tier of the Bees! A lot of mods are added just for you mess around, but the main focus is really getting all the resources from them! 


Active Thread in FTB Forum (with FTB Launcher Code): BeeHappy Forum Thread


This modpack was intended to be a very different from the others by focus only in one thing and be a skyblock! I hope you like it and I will make some progresses in the future!



It has 205 quests at the moment (22 of August) and many more are coming!


Minor informations:

  • You are not required to go to the Nether; all quests can be done in the overworld (might be changed in the future);
  • Thus quests might offer you 2 types of Apiarys (Gendustry and Forestry), Gendustry is the most supported mod for mutating the bees;
  • It might contain bugs! If you are stuck in a quest, it's probably because I miscalculated the bees in another quest... I'll apologize and I'll give you a stack of cookies! 


The Basics




Some Magic


Images: and
Modpack Image (Curse): BeeHappy by Dylz101
Text: Blocked (by A. Anderson) and Minecraftia (by Andrew Tyler) (
Credits: all the mod authors!


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