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It is a fantasy project not based on Real life. It can be said it is base lots of tools and some very random stuff and is good for people who enjoy playing and not knowing what can they do but still love some challenge . This Features make it Very Difficult to play thx to the random settings the mobs have.

This is my first mod Pack its a working progress sugestions are welcome And tips to.
Here i really hope you like it.


Groundcover: Find rocks, twigs, fallen leaves, bones, pinecones, and more as you journey across the Minecraft landscape!
Fantasy: Find Dragons, Cyclops,Sea creature and More..
Become a chef with all the variety of food you can make.
Become a Wizzard O Become a soldier with different equipment and conquer you enemies.

And Much More

The Future Awaits
Might be going to space Or travel in time to the past.
Play with your Friends and trade.

Your Fantasy In One World.


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