30 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

Hello there Gamers!

This modpack is meant for a more vanilla experience, while still keeping in a some mods to aid in different playstyles. 


Looking for a more technical play-through of Minecraft? We have mods like Immersive Engineering and Thermal Foundation to aid players who enjoy creating factories and contraptions. 


Looking for a more magical play-through of Minecraft? We have Thaumcraft added in to keep our magical gurus enjoying hours of game-play.

Want a more Vanilla experience? That's also just dandy! We have a few mods meant to aid in exploration. For instance, Biomes O' Plenty adds some new wonderfully enjoyable biomes into the bland everyday Minecraft experience. We also have JourneyMap installed so the players and keep track of areas they like on an in-game map/minimap. 



This being said, the modpack is meant to keep a diverse group of players interested in playing modded Minecraft while keeping the modpack nice and lightweight. 

Thanks, for viewing! 


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