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The High Court declared me a danger to the Society of Magic. A traitor. Destroyer. Arrogant beast. They didn't think I could do it, corrupt magic. It was actually quite easy, as it seems that magic has an equally strong dark side that we seemingly choose to ignore in the forsaken mentality of ethics. I turned the purest of substances into the darkest of evil...the taint. At the beginning this held valuable research. I was known as one of the greatest researchers of the time. Until someone let it loose. It was a simple mistake really, you forget to switch the valve as you head off for the night and you wake up to a broken jar with the specimen nowhere in sight. A simple mistake. It wasn't long before the council heard of my mistake, and punishment came swiftly. Had they given me time to find a cure, I may not be in this mess. Instead of giving humanity a chance, the council created a dimension solely as my jail. While I am unsure of the ability to escape, I will survive. Crash reports are collected by default through Yampst but can be reported on the github as well.

This pack contains fastcraft by default. Any crash reports made to mod authors must state that fastcraft is enabled.


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