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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Minecraft and Curse. I bring to you the BananaModion Mod Pack. This mod pack is meant to make surviving a little bit harder. This was meant to be just for my server, but I thought that I shouldn't just keep it to myself and so I put it here on Curse. The mod pack includes mods to make surviving harder, but yet still easy enough to where you want to uninstall the mod pack. There is some magic in the pack as well for those advanced players who are all about magic. There is also a couple of mods that are for those crafty crafters that like to try and craft everything. There is a mod in here for everyone, you'll just need to figure out which mod that is. Enjoy!!


The mods in this mod pack include:

Mo' Creatures
Biomes O' Plenty (Custom ModSpawner goes with it)
Inventory Tweaks
Rogue Like Dungeons
Journy Map
OptiFine (Optional)
Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod
Chisel (ConnectedTexturesMod goes with it)
Custom NPCs
MoreFurnaces (cxlibrary goes with it)
JustEnoughItems (Optional)


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