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Inspired by the television series of the same name (You should go watch it!), this addon provides the player with the means to obtain a unique superhuman ability (Some custom and some straight from the source material). For both Forge and Fabric (Runs on Palladium!)


IMPORANT: Set graphics to fast to avoid getting a black screen after overloading concentration!



There are two main ways to obtain an ability:


1. When you join a world for the first time there's a 40% chance that you'll be given the potential to manifest a random ability. This ability will appear the next time that there's a new moon (You'll get a message in chat and it will become usable the following morning).


2. It's possible to gain an ability through the injection of a concoction referred to only as The Formula. This substance is capable of granting a person a completely artificial ability that behaves no differently than a natural one. There are however two variants of the formula which are available for use: Catalyzed and Uncatalyzed. If an individual is exposed to the uncatalyzed formula they'll still manifest an ability, but they'll also be privy to side effects due to it not having been properly stabilized.


And also if you happen to manifest an ability naturally you'll get this really cool achievement, it's called [Superior Being]. Means you're built different.


Note: It's only possible to manifest one ability! In order to get a new ability from the formula, you'll have to somehow lose your old one.


List of obtainable abilities: